Christopher Meredith

Novelist and poet from Wales
Nofelydd a bardd o Gymru

Comments from the critics

"Every one of Tredegar-born writer Christopher Meredith’s sequence of fictions has been a literary event relished by a faithful and appreciative following. He has emerged as one of our most distinctive, imaginative, unexpectedly elegant and humane writers." - Jim Perrin in Wales Arts Review

"the classic statement about the [post-industrial] situation, both social and personal" - Prof. Stephen Knight in One Hundred Years of Fiction

"A first novel of consummate skill" - The Sunday Times

"A beautiful, understated first novel" - The New York Times

 "A novel so good it is hard to believe it is his first" - Western Mail

 "Written ... superbly, with a poet's eye, mind and voice" - The Guardian

"Like very great novels, the power of Shifts is to evoke universal themes in a believably rendered microcosmic reality. ...If as a nation we seek to venerate a book that helps us understand ourselves and our circumstances, and that uses the novel’s power to investigate the psychological fallout of socio-historical trauma while at the same time being skip-along readable and viciously funny, let’s stop the search here. The book is Shifts." - Dylan Moore in Wales Arts Review, nominating Shifts as his choice as the Greatest Welsh novel of All Time.

Snaring Heaven

"meditative, philosophical verse, made accessible by its strong links with place, personal experience, memory and history" - Planet

"Fine, resonant poems" - Jill Farringdon in Poetry Wales


"This extraordinary novel takes historical fiction and runs with it as far as it can go. It is a beautifully written story that does not simply recreate the life of a Mediaeval Welsh Prince's court - it also injects a philosophical slant that questions the very nature of history and examines the limits of our knowledge of the world and ourselves" - Christopher Lean in The Historical Novel Society's Review

"A magnificent achievement" - Friends of the Welsh Books Council Newsletter

"His Middle Ages also manage to be universal. Writers are too often tempted to write about writing, and it rarely comes off. Meredith has found a way which does." - Robin Blake in The Independent on Sunday

"A book of uncommon interest and appeal" - Norman Shrapnel in The Guardian

Sidereal Time

"This lyrical novel is never dull because it is so well written, and Meredith is inspired when describing the pressures and difficulties of the teaching environment." - The Guardian

"An amazingly brave, funny and touching book" - Time Out

Translation of Melog by Mihangel Morgan

"A cracking read. ...this extraordinary book shames us into realising that the best writers in Britain don't necessarily work in English." - Dan Rhodes in The Observer

"the translation captures the zaniness of the original and reads well as a novel in English" - Planet

The Meaning of Flight

"The defining feature of Christopher Meredith's poetry is an exquisite, almost painful precision" - Sarah Crown in The Guardian

"...not a false note or a wobble. It is in the thematic content that the maturity of vision shows itself." - Nicholas Murray in Planet

The Book of Idiots

"This is a novel about the seriousness of play, about hubris, friendship and sanity against the odds. It is also a literary masterpiece about narrative technique that plays with its own forms (tragedy, farce, romance). It is a thriller in which we guess who survives rather than who will die next." - Western Mail

"A darkly comic triumph full of uncomfortable truths." - ShortList Magazine

"A success that may be unprecedented... The book is subtle. Age-old questions of free will, fate and chance gnaw at the dystopia and questions spring into the reader's moral mind. Read it. You will hold in your hands a work of consummate skill." - Planet

"A master of dialogue, capturing distinctive speech patterns that reveal the essence of the people behind them...The Book of Idiots impresses at many levels—structure, language, characterization, and insights...deserves the widest possible readership." - Serving House Journal (USA)

Air Histories

"Air Histories successfully pricks both the intellect and the emotions. It connects our own lived histories with moving stories of humanity drawn in a weathered landscape of changing horizons and shifting air." - New Welsh Review

"As with many an offbeat maker, there is passion there,...for the good of the earth, for people." - David Hart in Stride

"As playful as it is profound" - Jeremy Hooker in Planet

"A blinding play of images" - The Independent

 "One of the main achievements of these poems is to create a sense of aerial over-view – of vision that sees the connectedness of many things: the dead to the living, the inventions and tools of the dead in the hands of the living, the dead and the living in the landscape...a collection of great variety and texture." - Elsewhere - A Review of Contemporary Poetry (


Brief Lives

"Six stellar stories" - Buzz Magazine

"Superbly written...Beautifully achieved fictions." - New Welsh Review

"Meredith’s prose style is as fine and supple as any contemporary writer I know. It quietly and continually embraces dimensions of symbolism, resonances, that are suggested rather than laboured, and left to lodge in the readers’ imaginations and work there. And they do." - Jim Perrin in Wales Arts Review here

"Intensely achieved and confirms his reputation as a writer of fierce intelligence and razor-sharp observation....
'The Enthusiast' [is] the longest and perhaps most powerful and moving story in the collection... It is worth buying Brief Lives for this story alone... 
There is a meticulousness in the fine detail of descriptions of people and places that has an almost hypnotic effect." 
- Suzy Ceulan Hughes on the Gwales website

"A tight, powerful little book. Meredith...has produced a collection that plays very much to his strengths as a stylist."  - Gary Raymond, BBC Radio Wales Review Show

"Fantastic. There's not a bad story in the collection." - Jafar Iqbal, Review Show

 "I loved this collection. Really clever." - Emma Schofield, Review Show