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Novelist and poet from Wales
Nofelydd a bardd o Gymru


 I'm Christopher Meredith, a novelist and poet from Wales. I work mainly in English, though one of my books for children is in Welsh.  I also translate from Welsh into English and have edited several books.  I live in Brecon and am an Emeritus Professor of Creative Writing at The University of South Wales.  My most recent novel is The Book of Idiots, and my newest collection of poems is Air Histories. Both are published by Seren.

On this site you'll find more details about me and my writing.  If you need publicity material about me in the third person you'll find it on the 'About me' page.  You'll find quotations from reviews of my books on the 'Press Cuttings' page. Click on the links in the strapline above.

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Croesawaf ohebiaeth yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg - I welcome emails in Welsh or English.  

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NEWS Still air - limited edition booklet of poems and images

 Still air

 Poems by Christopher Meredith, linocuts by Sara Philpott

Published by Singing Nettle Press. The launch was at the opening of an exhibition of related paintings and prints by Sara Philpott  at The Hours Bookshop and Cafe, Ship Street, Brecon on Thursday 17th Nov. 2016, 7.00pm. Thanks to everyone who came to this wonderful event.

A hand-printed limited edition (fifty signed copies) booklet of nine new poems and six linocuts printed directly from the original blocks by the artist, each presented in a unique, handmade marbled envelope.

Poems and images respond to the landscapes, plants and bird life of mid Wales. The writer and artist exchanged work and ideas, each responding to the landscapes of their own parts of the country, Sara Philpott to the area around Newtown, and Christopher Meredith to places near his home in Brecon, especially Allt yr Esgair, near the home of poet Henry Vaughan. The sequence begins with a spring elegy and the imagery of smaller birds and plants and moves to a climactic and affirmative poem of snow falling through forest, ‘Winter woods’. Poems and images interact suggestively in visual shape and theme, reflecting on the relationship between people and landscape.

 Designed, hand-printed and hand-sewn by Sara Philpott. Edition limited to 50 numbered copies, all signed by the artist and author, each presented in a complementary envelope, hand-made and marbled by the artist.

Text: 12 pt Garamond with display lines on title page up to 36 pt, hand-printed from magnesium plates, text set by Callum Johnston. Linocuts printed by the artist directly from the original blocks. Cover printed from one large linocut, into which the artist has hand-cut the titling.

Paper: Fabriana Rosaspina, 220 gm

16 pp., 140 mm x 330 mm

 One poem, ‘In this stilled air the turning trees’, with a linocut image hand-printed by the artist from the original block  is available as a single print signed by artist and author, limited to 12 numbered copies only. 290 mm x 335 mm.

Published by Singing Nettle Press, 17th November 2016. Still air is the first and so far only publication of Singing Nettle Press, set up by Sara Philpott in her own living-room.

 The numbered copies of the limited edition are all gone. A few of the prints may still be available. Contact writer or artist ( for information.

Off the press in 2015 - 17 (selected)


In Envoi (no. 177, October 2017) and Planet (November 2017).

Still Air - a booklet of new poems and images in collaboration with artist Sara Philpott. Details above.

Poems in the summer 2016 issues of Poetry Wales (Vol. 52 No. 1) and Agenda (Vol. 50 nos 1-2), and in Agenda's online supplement.

Poem in At Time's Edge: 'Standing place' appeared in this anthology in memory of Anne Cluysenaar, edited by Fiona Owen and published by The Vaughan Association, 2016. 

Short story in Dodos and Dragons: an anthology of Mauritian and Welsh writing

'Progress' appeared in this anthology edited by A. Arjanee, M. Jenkins and K. Vadamootoo, published by Atelier d'ecriture, Mauritius, 2016. 

Short story in Best European Fiction 2015 (The Dalkey Archive)

 A short story, 'Somavox', is now out in Best European Fiction 2015, edited by West Camel and published by The Dalkey Archive, a leading US publisher of European literature.

Review by Aiden O'Reilly in The Short Review here.

Read the Guardian review here.

Poems in The Slate Sea 

Edited by Paul Henry with photographs by Zed Nelson and poems by Alys Conran, Menna Elfyn, Paul Henry, Christopher Meredith, Owen Sheers, and Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch. An anthology of poems responding to landscapes around Blaenau Ffestiniog, the Lledr Valley, Rhyl and Llandudno, Commissioned and published by the Camden Trust in 2015. 

Latest Collection - Air Histories


Air Histories was published by Seren in June 2013. It was launched in a reading at the Hay Festival on 26th May with other readings in Cardiff, The Hours Bookshop, Brecon, and at the Ledbury Festival and in Canolfan Dylan Thomas, Swansea, in July. See Readings & Events for  fuller details.

This is the first full collection since The Meaning of Flight. Has poems from the Bog~Mawnog project. There's a poem to go with the cover picture, which combines a few of the meanings of both words in the collection's title. See the Gallery for the original photo, taken on Crete in 2012.

Hear an interview with Professor Diana Wallace about Air Histories here.



The Latest Novel

The Book of Idiots is a book I wanted to write for a long time. It's a hard book to characterise, but one reviewer's called it a 'hilarious black comedy'. Several readers have told me that they find it extraordinarily desolate as well as funny. At a reading recently a bookshop manager who enthused about it told me that when he tried to describe it to a friend he found himself saying, 'It's a sort of Stig of the Dump for middle-aged men.' Anyway, it has a narrator called Dean Lloyd who encounters a series of men and either he witnesses some bit of their lives or they tell him some kind of story about themselves. The story moves back and forth in time between Dean's childhood and his thirties and forties. Most of these men walk some kind of line close to disaster. Some topple over it.

You can learn more from the Western Mail review by Gwen Davies here and in Sheenagh Pugh's review here. It's reviewed in the Serving House Journal by Walter Cummins here.

 The cover image, 'We All Fall with Icarus' a digital print by London artist Martin Barrett, is perfect for the book. Not many writers get that lucky with their covers:


The Book of Idiots is not yet published in the USA. For US rights, contact us via this website.


Contact: Contact me at my University of South Wales email address, which you'll find listed here .
Croesawaf ohebiaeth yn Gymraeg - I'm happy to receive contacts in Welsh. 


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